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Being a previous Customer is important, but it tends to expose you to experience related to a specific point of view.  Depending on your line of business, product, or industry based application, you experience may be vertically focused.  Vertically focused knowledge may not prepare you properly for long-term planning and change. Exposure to back-end technical architecture, Product Development, Sales, and Delivery are purposely hidden by Vendors from the typical End-Customer.

Our Team consists of Critical Customer Facing Executives and Principal Engineers that were integral to the design and delivery of massive Service Provider Infrastructure at Scale.   All were faced with the challenges of meeting a broad (and sometimes conflicting) set of extremely complex requirements and designing, delivering, and maintaining these systems to ensure utilization and profit.   All had to insure that Services were not just good, but that people would actually use and buy them.  Designing a Service Provider set of Solutions to accommodate all industries (including Government) establishes a unique set of skills unmatched by other firms.  Real (not theoretical) application of Security, Compliance, and Contracting is our Core Competency.

We bring this once 'hidden' knowledge to you in order to help you develop your services without the pain and massive expense of trial, error, and failure.  Armor Technology will not recommend to you products, services, or strategies that can not ultimately meet your requirements.  We will not talk to you about solutions that you can not really use.

Armor Technology Group protects you from failure, and ensures your Success.

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Armor Technology Group believes in a Cooperative approach, represented well by our preference for white-boarding. White-boarding allows our Customers to interact and provide input to ensure that we are all on the 'same page' when it comes to requirements and desired end results.  PowerPoint is an excellent tool for telling you what is available, but not great for interactive discussion.  We will not deliver Death-by-PowerPoint.  

We offer a range of truly differentiated services, all designed to help your organization reach its potential. Whether you're looking for a advice on a particular application or complete Services Design, we have you covered. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.

Armor  Technology Group believes in working with you intimately to determine your requirements and specific needs.   Contact us about our free Discovery Services.